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Sometimes things don't go as planned and you need to adjust to fit the circumstances.

Catawampus Consulting Services

Everyone's needs are different. Our approach is to build services that best cater to your business and your operational needs. Human resources encompasses all aspects of employee management.

As an ala carte consultancy, there will not be a standard package because everyone is at a different place in their entrepreneurial journey. Services are structured to meet your specific needs. Catawampus Consulting specializes in enhancing employee management by working with you to build policies and procedures that provide your employees with what they need and meet your demands as a business.

Whether you are just starting out and are looking to hire within a year or two or currently have employees, we are happy to help you build an employee management process that works for you.

Organizational Assessments

Organizational assessments help businesses identify trends, organizational norms, and characteristics of an organization. At Catawampus Consulting, we use research-based models, frameworks, and theories to analyze what makes your business tick.

Internship Consulting

From preparing a plan with goals and expectations for your intern to hiring interns Catawampus Consulting will work with your business so you and your intern are set up for success.

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About Us

Working with over 150 businesses, hearing their stories, and why they started, one thing was certain...

There is always something that makes you have to pivot. Life happens, and you have to pivot.

When COVID-19 happened, and we had to pivot. Catawampus means things sometimes go awry, and we have to change to fit our circumstances.

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